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First, and most importantly... Leave it to the professionals

Throughout our years in the wedding entertainment industry, we have talked to our fair share of brides who fell victim to entertainment amateurism.  When the big day arrives, the scene they envisioned, of all their happy guests, laughing and dancing into the night, floats away like so many champagne bubbles.  As their cousin's next-door neighbor(or some other friend-of-a-friend) who confidently said he'd "DJ your reception for 50 bucks and access to the open bar" turns up with his mom's home stereo and an iPod, and can't understand why your 80 year-old grandmother doesn't like his EDM playlist.  If someone offers to perform at your wedding for near-nothing-to-free, rest assured; you will get what you paid for.  

Wedding Entertainment By The Numbers...


A good DJ is like a train conductor, keeping things moving and on-time so your guests stay on-board

A survey conducted by Modern Bride Magazine of recently married brides and their wedding guests found that on average only 5% of wedding budgets were spent on entertainment, however a whopping 38% of guests admitted they remembered the entertainment more than any other aspect of the event.  That's more than double the next most memorable element; your wedding gown.  While only 18% of wedding-goers said the wedding gown stuck out in their mind more than any other aspect, brides shelled out over three times more of their budget(18%) on bridal gowns, than entertainment.

We know your gown and your food are important, however, so is the selection of music and entertainment as it can determine the success of your event. We guarantee your guests will stay after the meal to party; Your Photographer and Videographer will have something to shoot and your guests will stay long enough to really remember your gown!

Statistics show that Mobile DJs carry 75 to 80% of the responsibilities at the average wedding reception, and many couples attribute 80 to 90% of the success of their reception to their DJ. Yet only 5% (or less) of the total budget is spent on entertainment?.



Why not get a band then you ask?

65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding reception, said, if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a disc jockey!

The average wedding reception lasts 4 hours.  Listening to the same band for so long may not be as appealing as you first thought.  Even if it were your favorite multi-platinum selling recording artist, 4 hours of the same sound can get monotonous.  These details are often overlooked by brides when planning their special day.  Which explains that 72% majority of brides who regretted not spending a little more time selecting the night's entertainment.

If you've read along this far then you are probably a member of that small minority of savvy brides-to-be who have done their homework and know how important booking the right entertainment is in making your wedding night one that all your friends and family will be talking about for months to come.


So Why B&B?

According to a survey conducted by, couples spend an average of $1000 on wedding DJs, for a 4 or 5 hour event.  Which may seem pricey, if you only consider the short time you actually see the DJ performing.  If your DJ is a dedicated professional however there is a lot more work going into that performance than you may realize.

A professional DJ service will devote an average of 15 hours to your event before they even show up.  Doing all of the behind-the-scenes work to ensure the DJ is prepared, practiced, and properly equipped; sourcing the music for your playlist, corresponding with you, coordinating with your other vendors and venue staff, reviewing your paperwork, maintaining equipment, and several hours of practice per week, among others.

"Cheap" DJs are typically cheap for a reason, and that reason is more often that not, that they have not invested all those extra hours ensuring you get the best experience possible on your big day.  And therefore can sell themselves at cut-rates.  When the day arrives, and that bargain doesn't seem like a bargain anymore many brides find themselves in the majority of brides who regretted not allocating a bit more budget to the entertainment.

Luckily for you B&B will let you have your wedding cake and eat it too, on just about any wedding budget.  Not only do we have top-notch equipment and, fun, professional and experienced DJs who can work your crowd, but we also have some of the most affordable rates in the region!

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