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Online karaoke catalog

Click the button below to open our searchable online karaoke catalog of over 250,000 tracks.  The catalog will open in "browse by artist" mode.  To browse by title click the "browse by title" link at the top of the page.  To search for a particular song enter a few words of the title in the search area, click the "song title" button, then click search.  To search by artist enter the artist name, click the "artist" button, then click search. Clicking on the search results will reveal the karaoke provider for any given song(ie "CB Karaoke")  Provider abbreviations are; 

  • CB = Chartbusters
  • SC = SoundChoice
  • SF = SunFly
  • SGB = Sweet Georgia Brown(a great provider by the way)
  • SN = Sing it Now
  • NS = NorthStar 
  • MH = MegaHits
  • L = Legends
  • Z = Zoom
  • P = Pioneer
  • There are many more but these are the major labels

After finding the song you want to sing you may either come to the booth and request it by showing your screen and giving your first name, or by entering the info in the request form above(your selection will automatically be sent to the DJ's software).

Karaoke All-Star Competition

Be A Superstar!


With the collaboration and  support of The Houston Valley Club in Greeneville TN, we will be crowning a monthly Karaoke All-Star.  The title not only comes with bragging rights but some nice prizes as well.  Competition qualifying will begin the first week of every month at our regularly scheduled karaoke night, and carry on each week until the finals.   If you wish to be considered for voting, simply let me know when you are called up to sing before your performance.  I will make a high quality recording of your performance, and post it online for voting.  Voting will last one week, beginning after the show and ending at noon, and winners will be announced weekly at karaoke night.  On the last week of the month all winners for the month will go head to head for a live showdown.  Prizes will be awarded on the spot, and the winner will have their performance, pic, and bio posted here and on Facebook.

Contest Rules:

1.     Contest is not open to any "professional musician, vocalist, or entertainer" (Professional means you have been paid to sing, play an instrument, or otherwise perform music, live or in studio, in the current tax year, or you have made more than 50% of your income from performing in the last 5 years)

2.     No entry fee will be required.

3.     Qualifying rounds begin on the first week of every month, and "Finals Night" will occur on the last week of the month.  As such some months will have 3 qualifying weeks, and some may have 4; depending on the number of karaoke nights in the given month.

4. Contestants who wish to enter the contest must inform the karaoke host when they are called to the stage before they have begun performing.

5. Contestants may only submit one performance per round(night) for voting,  Once said performance has begun, contestants may not request to "do-over" said submission, nor submit another performance that night in its place.  Exceptions to this may only occur in cases of equipment failure, or other circumstance beyond the control of the contestant.  This decision is at the sole discretion of the karaoke host, and all decisions are final.

6.     Voting will take place on a secure online voting platform, and the recorded submissions will be hosted on this site, with the ability to instantly stream.  

7.     Contestants are encouraged to share the contest with friends and family, to honestly solicit as many votes for your performance as possible.  However cheating and/or unsportsmanlike behavior during any step in the process will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate forfeit regardless of the offender's status, vote count, etc.  Cheating will be considered but not limited to any mechanism by which a contestant (a) Artificially inflates their vote count.  For example by using dummy Facebook accounts, or services such as Fiver.  (b) Interferes with another contestant's submission to diminish their vote count.  ie Account hacking, or contacting voters directly or indirectly and by any means soliciting them to rescind votes cast for a fellow contestant and (c) any intentional action that does or could result in the loss, or damage of, another contestant's recording data(ie sabotage of equipment).  Unsportsmanlike behavior may include, but is not limited to: (a) Heckling or otherwise knowingly interfering with a fellow contestant during their performance, (b) any rude, threatening, violent, demeaning, or intimidating interactions with fellow contestants, bar patrons, venue staff, bartenders, servers or online voters, whether in person on performance nights or online during the weekly voting phase.  Jackasses will not be tolerated.

8.     Contestants may perform any karaoke track in my library.  It is strongly suggested that contestants use the online catalog on this page to ensure I have the track you wish to perform before beginning any practicing, and most certainly before you arrive on any given contest night.  The catalog is easy to use and searchable by artist or title.  It is also strongly suggested that contestants select one or two backup songs they wish to perform for contest submission on any given night in case said song file in my library is incomplete, missing, corrupt, or otherwise unavailable for your performance.

9.     Winning during a qualifying week automatically enters that contestant into the finals for the current month, once qualified for the finals a contestant may not submit another performance for qualifying during that month, and all votes cast during a given qualifying week have only pertain to that week, and are not carried over to "Finals Week"

10.     Prizes will be awarded to a single contestant, for the "Finals Night" Performance vote count, votes from the previous qualifying weeks are not included in this total. The voting phase for "Finals Night" will be identical to qualifying weeks, concerning voting phase length, and start and end times.  The monthly "All-Star" will be announced, and prizes will be awarded the next week which will always be the  first week of every month.

11.     Prizes are predetermined, but are subject to change at any time, and are not considered to have cash value, and therefore cannot be substituted or refunded by competition officials.  In some cases two or more possible prizes may be offered, winners may select a single prize or lot, once delivery is tendered winner may not request a swap. 

12.     All Rules are subject to change at any time without notice, contest officials may have to make rules determinations  or adjustments in good faith, these decisions are considered final and may not be disputed.


Season 2 Winner Evelyn!

The people have spoken...

With over 1000 votes, our new winner takes the crown.

Congratulations to Evelyn our Season 2 Winner

Stay tuned for info on season 3.