Client Forms

  • Click the download link below to receive your questionnaire.  Depending on your web browser the link may open the form in a browser window, if so simply right-click on the form and choose "save as".  Only wedding/reception clients should choose the wedding form, all other event types are covered in the general event form.  Please take your time filling out your form, fill it out as completely as possible.  Keep in mind the songs you request will be used as a guide by your DJ to build the remainder of your event's playlist.  

  • To fill out the form you may either use an app that allows PDF editing or writing over PDF's.  Or you can simply print the form and fill it out by hand.

  • You may submit the form by attaching it to an email and sending it to, or by placing it in the Dropbox folder created for you when you booked your event.  If you have already accepted the invite from your DJ to join the Dropbox shared folder, simply drop the completed file in the folder.  You will also find copies of all other documents relating to your event in this folder, including receipts, invoices, photos, any custom dance mixes you have requested, permits, etc.  This method will also allow you to make revisions to your forms even after submitting them(note: all revisions must be completed 1 week prior to the date of your event)

  • Note: If you printed your forms and filled them out by hand, the Dropbox app for Android and iOS has a "scan" feature that will allow you to easily digitize and submit the forms to your shared folder using your phone's camera.  You can find the Dropbox app here:
  •  Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Windows/ Mobile

General Event Questionnaire (pdf)


Wedding Event Planner (pdf)